Diploma in Echo Technician

Diploma in Echocardiography Technician

Relevant echo technician classes from IIHC (Indian Institute of healthcare) are offered through academic programs in fields like echocardiography, ultrasound technology, cardiovascular technology and diagnostic medical sonography. Echo technician is used to take images of the heart known as ECGs or EKGs. While many echo technicians are trained on the job, some choose to attend echo technician training programs that offer a series of courses in the subject. echo technician courses focus on core medical topics, such as medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry and physics. Students gain basic, foundational knowledge designed to prepare them for work in the healthcare system. Students learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge of echo technology. Basic EKG usage is emphasized which allows students to trace electrical impulses transmitted by a patient’s heart and obtain readings from those traces that can then be used for diagnostic purposes.  echo technician courses see students spending large amounts of time in clinical rotations at hospitals and health care facilities. At this stage, training specific to invasive, noninvasive or vascular diagnostics is provided. Students practice taking EKG measurements and interpreting the information gathered.

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