P.G. Diploma in Cosmetology

IIHC (Indian Institue of healthcare) cosmetology fellowship course is the best and most sought-after fellowship for the aspirants in cosmetology. It is an elaborative course
which gives a complete insight in medical Cosmetology fellowship course and prepares the doctors through its rigorous live and hands-on training sessions.The program not only covers
topics like lasers, chemical peels, trichology, PRP, injectables and more but also it keeps adding most newer topics and techniques now and then in this programme to
give you the best and the most updated cosmetology programme in the Globe. Whether you are interested to set-up your practice in India or abroad, this is the best
teaching programme to help you to establish your name in this competitive field of medicine.

Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology & Aesthetic Medicine

MBBS Year 1Year